Couch To Trail 5k Course

Would you like to try trail running?

Do you want to get fitter and healthier while having fun on the trails?


Join our couch to 5k trail running programme and make a change to your lifestyle today. The next course starts on the 24th of May 2022. 

What Do You Get?

  • Weekly meet up run with the couch to 5k crew and a professional BTR coach, steadily improving your fitness and distance capabilities.

  • 8 week training plan to follow the weekly meet up. Expect to do two more sessions on your own each week. 

  • We will meet on the 24th of May at 6pm at the Leigh Woods Car Park, and then the same place and time every Tuesday for 8 weeks. 

  • Make friends with your coach and other participants to boost your confidence. We will set up an optional WhatsApp group to make this easy.

  • Email support from BTR head Coach Joe Wenman

  • Discount code for free gait analysis and 15% off running shoes and anything else you need from Cotswold Outdoor & Runners Need.

  • Bristol Trail Runners running t shirt.

  • 1 month of free BTR premium membership after couch to 5k graduation (for new members only).

  • Finish the course with the Ashton Court 5km Parkrun!

  • Become part of Bristols most adventurous running community.

What Are The Benefits Of Trail Running? 

  • Trail running is one of the best cardiovascular exercises, improving the health of your heart and lungs.

  • Trail running is fun! You meet amazing people and take part in incredible events.

  • Trail running burns a lot of calories, promoting weight loss and maintenance of a healthy weight.

  • Trail running helps to build strong bones, as it is a weight bearing exercise.

  • Trail running strengthens and tones your legs and glutes.

  • Numerous studies have shown that running increases both lifespan, and quality of life.

  • Running helps you focus during the day and sleep better at night. 

  • There are many more, but I am running out of page space!

Next Course Details:

  • Meeting point: Leigh Woods Car Park, BS8 3QE.

  • Meeting day: Every Tuesday from the 24th May at 6pm for 8 weeks.

  • Course completion: Ashton Court Parkrun on the 16th of July 2022.

  • Price: £90 per person or £72 per person if you book before the 10th of May.